Known Distance Range

Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
$1.7 Million
Contract Number W9127816D0025 W9127819F0396
The scope of Work included in the Known Distance Range Project included the design and construction of the Known Distance Range Operation and Control Area Facilities at Eglin AFB, Florida. The Known Distance Range Control Tower, the Covered Training Area (Bleacher Enclosure), the Dry Vault Latrine, and the Ammo Issue Point (Ammunition Breakdown Building) at Range C-52 were designed to match nearby Multipurpose Training Range. The intent of this Design-Build project was to site adapt these facilities. As Prime Contractor, Leebcor Services, LLC. responsible for the management of design and developing plans and specifications for the associated site work and utilities to support these facilities. This project is a sister project to the Multi-Purpose Training Range also constructed at Eglin Air Force Base. Both projects were completed safely, on time, and on budget.