Shoreline Stabilization

Cheatham Annex, Yorktown, VA
$1.13 Million
Contract Number N40085-12-D-6304 TO 02
This civil works project included 1,100 LF of shoreline stabilization along the York River at the U.S. Navy’s Cheatham Annex in Yorktown, Va. The site is known as Revetment 1 and work included: protection of existing underground utilities; the removal of approximately 3,000 tons of existing rip rap and concrete rubble; clearing and grubbing woods and overgrowth; excavation and off-site disposal of unsuitable materials; placement, backfilling, grading and compacting imported clean fill; placement of geosynthetic filter fabric; installation of 1 FT thick VDOT gabion bedding stone; and placement of 4 FT thick VDOT Class 3 Armor Stone along the entire length of shoreline (approximately 1,100 LF). This project was carried out in five phases to keep the total area of land disturbance at any given time to a minimum. Each phase was completed in approximately two weeks. Leebcor also performed tidal wetland restoration (re-vegetation of approximately 1,200 SF of Spartina Patens) along the length of the newly stabilized shoreline.